Retirement Planning

Retirement is a blank sheet of paper. It is a chance to redesign your life into something new and different.

It is estimated that in 2050 the number of dependent adults in India will reach the number of dependent children for the first time, making retirement planning necessary.
To achieve your various life-stage goals and to maintain your desired lifestyle during your retirement years, you need to make prudent investments during your working years, putting your hard-earned money to work for you in your golden years. Retirement planning has been offered as a holistic solution in India aimed at enabling people to achieve their financial dreams both pre and post-retirement.
We believe retirement planning requires a 360-degree approach which begins with understanding clients – their needs, risk appetite & various life-stage goals – to draw up their asset allocation plan and monitoring it on a continuing basis. We will be the customer’s retirement friend – advising and developing tailor-made solutions across various asset classes to help plan for their retirement. This includes the entire gamut of services in terms of Advisory, Insurance, Asset Allocation, Investments & Retirement Planning.
We offer a “lifetime” solutions and advices  to our  clients, to look at the entire span of their lives. We will guide you in accumulating a retirement corpus for fulfilling your goals and achieving a financially independent life after retirement. This includes facilitating the most economic insurance covers and also guidance to optimize tax benefits. We also provide an actuarial estimate of post retirement expenses and a tax efficient alternative to the annuities offered by Insurance companies, on the Mutual Fund platform.
There are many reasons to why planning for retirement is important like any other goals:
  • Increase in life expectancy: Better healthcare and medical help is a prime reason why our generation will live longer. But, with advanced medical facilities, one needs to chalk out a proper plan to sustain the health expenses in the long run.
  • Pension Funds: The employer or government funded pension schemes are less likely to sustain the income needs post-retirement.
  • Change of social structures: Many retirees don’t prefer depending on their relatives or children for meeting post-retirement expenses. Maintaining independent lifestyle is sustainable only when backed with a financial cushion.
  • Desire to remain contributor:  The want to contribute to the family by providing and supporting the kids or grand kids at milestones of their life remains even after retirement is inevitable.
  • Rest and relaxation:  After fulfilling all your responsibilities, you may want to build a retirement corpus to go on holidays, to pursue a hobby etc.

Clients need an expert who puts their interests above everything else and is equipped to provide them with customized solutions. Aarthshastra is an expert, which can deliver a holistic retirement plan using various tools, products, knowledge and other infrastructure to enable clients achieve their financial goals.